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I was fortunate to participate in one of Brenda’s courses and found it to be a spiritually and emotionally uplifting experience with the purpose of self-development and connection to our inner selves.

Through the detailed Modules on topics associated with self-improvement including but not limited to our purpose, ability to grow and develop whilst examining the true identity of ourselves, this course has inspired me to evaluate the correlation between the way we treat others and the way we understand ourselves.

Not only have I grown in wisdom and knowledge of my inner self but I have gained an appreciation for the little things in life.


After my 30 year marriage ended. I was stuck in an endless loop of heartache, confusion and pain for several years. It didn't matter that I logically knew and wanted to move forward with my life, my heart and emotions were stagnating in limbo.

Then I started this course with Brenda and I can't tell you what a relief it was for someone outside the situation to guide me with clarity and compassion, as to what my next focus point should be.

Brenda doesn't just light a pathway through the turbulence, she walks alongside you through it.

Knowing that I was no longer dealing with the supposedly insurmountable heartache on my own gave me the focus and energy to work through it.

Thanks to Brenda I have clarity and peace when it comes to my past heartbreak, which allows me to step up in my relationships today with much more confidence and enthusiasm.

If you are exhausted from heartache and just want to heal more than anything, I couldn't recommend this course enough. Thanks Brenda!


This course helped me to cut through the 'noise' and reconnect to my authentic self. It helped me understand how I had moved so far away fro who I was born to be and gave me more than one light bulb moment as I pieced it all together!

In so doing I was able to identify and break the patterns that were no longer serving me and the result has been nothing short of life-changing!


I am grateful for the opportunity I had to take Brenda's course.

It made me aware of my value as a human being and the value of how I participate in my life.

Thanks Brenda


Meeting Brenda weekly for her Wellnessonsteroids course has helped me release past emotional blocks and recurring patterns formed from a life time.

This course helped me find a new path giving me confidence to follow personal goals and dreams. Brenda has given me the tools and support to guide me through it all.

Such a caring spiritual leader, I can't praise Brenda enough and would highly recommend this course.


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