Posted on November 7, 2019 at 11:00 PM

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Hello Everyone,

This is number Two in the Series of Videos I am making. Yesterday I spoke to you about your “I Am” and how significant you are to yourself and today I am going to speak to you about how you define yourself to yourself. This is very important because how we define ourselves to ourselves either sends out a positive or negative message to the world. 

Remember always what you are projecting the world is reflecting back to you so if you define yourself for instance as “I am lazy”, “I am stupid”, “I am lonely”, “I am depressed” the world is reflecting and giving back to you negative people and life’s experiences and so what you are attracting into your life are things you really don’t want.

You want to bring into your world things that make you feel happy and buoyant and inspired so the way to do that is to describe yourself in a way that is positive, remember you are a spiritual being you are just having an earthly experience so you are actually infinite. Keep on telling yourself “I am Infinite”, “I have infinite power”, “I have infinite opportunities”, “I have infinite potential” and of course, always “I have infinite purpose”.

Tell yourself “I am awesome”, “I am phenomenal”, I am absolutely fabulous” and as a result when you are putting out these positive words attached to yourself you are going to bring in to yourself positive situations, positive people and positive life experiences and this is going to make you feel like life is a happy space and a happy place so it is really vital that you go inward and look inside and look at the words that you are using to describe yourself. Are they positive or are they negative?

Do they elevate you, do they encourage you, do they stimulate you and inspire you or do they invalidate you and bring you down and minimize you and make you feel less than? Each one of us is more than because we are these infinite beings. We have infinite, amazing qualities that we so seldom recognise and we so seldom allow ourselves to actually express.

I hope that this little seed has been sown and will germinate inside of you and produce some beautiful, magnificent flowers and fruit so you can see your life change. I guarantee you that if you start to describe yourself in a more positive and in a more self respecting and self honouring way that your life is going to change significantly.

Have a lovely day and I’ll chat to you again really soon!

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