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I'm an emotional wellness specialist and have found over many years of dealing with individuals from all walks of life, young and old, male and female that the majority of people simply don't know who they are.

I have found myself lost in life at different times during my life's journey and so know the feeling well. When we become disconnected from who we are, we also disconnect from our knowledge of self and this can create fear which feeds anxiety which can lead to depression so it is important to acknowledge when you are lost and start to find yourself again.

All the power of who you are is contained in your original BluePrint that is the unique information that makes up who you are on a spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical level. This is as unique to you as your finger print is. There is only one of you! No one before you has had this BluePrint and no one to come is going to have this BluePrint so this is what makes you so unique and magnificent as an individual.

When you become separated or disconnected from this BluePrint, it leaves you disconnected from your Power, Potential and Purpose. It also disconnects you from your Passion for living and love for life and this is why it is so important to ensure that you are fully connected to all the wonder of who you are as contained in your BluePrint, so you can live a successful, fulfilling and abundant life.

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